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XX XX road.My company will be in the new officsincstant.Sthc

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  智课以先进的翻转课堂教学模式及智能学习系统为学员提供陪伴式的教学,帮助学员实现“同样的时间,更高的分数,更好的录取”。线万,线下学习中心遍布北上广深等30个城市。Company relocation notificationRespected customers, new and old friends: hello! XX co., LTD., in your great support and cooperation, the companys business is thriving.Here, thank you for a long time to give our attention, and formally inform you our company has been in April 2009 move to a new office building (or a new plant, new plant covers an area of XX mu, the size of the company will expand to a few times, the development of the company without your support, hope we have a pleasant cooperation in the future, together create a better future.. Thank you for your attention.).Address: XX province XX city, XX XX road.My company will be in the new office since instant.Since the company moved the inconvenience, we apologize, and hope you continue to give us concern and support.